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List of Irish Startups

LifeCycle of a startup. This whiteboard by Paul Graham, made its world-wide debut in April 2008


Welcome to Ireland's Startup Wiki

Across Ireland, hundreds of startups are springing into existence, launched by people who want to make a difference. We are taking control of our own lives, creating employment and opportunity instead of waiting on bosses or politicians. We have a lot to share, but up until now this information has been scattered across blogs, inscrutable government websites and documents passed around by email. As startup founders, we have created this wiki as a community resource, a roof under which we can all share information that will help us prosper, and help new founders find their feet. Sign up for free, and add/edit content. No rules, let's see how this develops.

StartupWiki Is Owned By You is a community site. There's no business model here, and there's no plans to make any money off this. There is no single organisation or agenda behind this site. It is owned by no one, so that it will be used by everyone. If you're involved in startups in Ireland, please create an account, add startup(s) you know about, add useful information that you have collected on how to do business, and try to correct any errors that you come across.

For the curious, this wiki is being launched by @vinnyglennon and @seanblanchfield with the help of the community of startup and tech event organisers, accelerator directors, entrepreneurs and bloggers (@gary_leyden, @jdrumgoole, @johnnyryan, @noelruane, @marylcronin, @whykay, @iamjohnegan, @wiktorschmidt and more).

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Irish Startups

List of Irish Startups | Recent Irish Funding/Investments

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